“Nostalgiorama” this is where you could place just a few vintage or nostalgic items in a small space perhaps on a table top or mantlepiece that have a personal connection with your past,for instance an old coloured telephone that you had at home in your childhood or a model of a car that your parents had or indeed your own first car, in fact anything that was in your past. A year has passed since my last Blog very lazy of me I know but I have been busy buying and selling lovely items from the past, take for instance the old bakelite telephones I love so much, I know people like the look and the nostalgic sound of the ‘ring ring’ but do they stop to think about the conversations that were had on these iconic items in the 1940’s, imagine talking about how the war was going and their loved ones fighting abroad. The 1950’s the death of King George VI and the Queens Coronation, Elvis Presley gyrating his hips. The 1960’s The Fab Four from Liverpool, Facebook Twitter Updated 6/3/16 Please do keep coming back, you never know you may see something you like.