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Updated 21 November 2020

Cars of my Past

One of my Nostalgiaramas in my bookcase

From left to Right

1. Austin A40 Somerset We travelled down to Looe Cornwall for our holidays in this car in the early 60’s

2. The green woody was a popular car when I was young, two of my neighbours used to drive them so saw them everyday in my childhood

3. A60 Austin Cambridge my dad gave me lifts to school in this car

4. A Red Hillman Imp a car that was probably one of the worst I ever bought its registration was EAP and it was a Heap

5. Ford Anglia/Prefect/Poplar was my first car costing me a grand sum of £12 in 1971

What were the cars of your past ?

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  1. I learned to drive in a red Vauxhall Viva, on the lesson before my test I backed into a tree but still managed to pass my test 1st time in 1971

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