“Nostalgiorama” this is where you could place just a few vintage or nostalgic items in a small space perhaps on a table top or mantlepiece that have a personal connection with your past,for instance an old coloured telephone that you had at home in your childhood or a model of a car that your parents had or indeed your own first car, in fact anything that was in your past. An exciting year as ABOTAT has introduced an online Chat support & enquiry service on our website, we have introduced a professional packing service supplied by Torbay Packaging for items that need special care and attention eg: Large Prints to be sent Nationwide or abroad. See our Collectables, 60’s Telephones, 1940’s Bakelite Telephones (imagine the conversations had on them!) Doulton,Clarice Cliff, Kevin Francis Ceramics and more. Exciting times with the availability of these new services. Hope to see many more customers, Facebook Twitter Updated 6/3/16 Please do keep coming back, you never know you may see something you like.