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Welcome to A Bit of This n That online webstore 

A Bit of This n That is a small family business based on the South West Devon Coast in Brixham Devonshire, I trade and deal in all manner of goods from the Old (Antiques and Collectables Retro and Vintage) to the Modern (Novelty,Sports,Toys, Educational) and anythng in between. To see the ABOTAT ADVERT click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vh-PFYEZRCI for other info see Google Here

Our Mission Statement: Is to sell items that takes people on a nostalgic journey to their own personal and family history and rekindle times that hold fond and happy memories of their childhood. To visit their favourite periods in important social history. Bringing A bit of yesterday here today

My  online secure store:  means we are always open for business, customers can phone me or email the store and make enquiries on any item in the store.We are constantly updating the webstore. You can follow us on Twitter: @abotat77 and Facebook.com/abotat1

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More about me

For me, buying antiques and collectables is one way of revealing to me the past by looking at various phases of history through Art, Fashion, Design and trends, from oak furniture, to 20th century household items and interior design. touching many periods from Magna Carta right up to the modern day. 

Our own memorable history becomes more significant with age and with it comes the desire to reminisce. See the TV ads of your era: click here  http://www.classictvads.co.uk/homepage.html  Click here for the old TV shows of your particular era  http://www.crazyabouttv.com/decades/1950s.html

Being of vintage years myself I often I think back on my childhood remembering my favourite holidays to at Looe in Cornwall, in my fathers Austin A40 Somerset. The bright red telephone in the hall with a box to put your money in, visiting my grandparents on a Sunday then home to a large teatime spread that had the whole family sat round the table.

Some people stylise their homes to indulge their passion for their favourite yesteryear of style,design,and memorabilia, other people have themed rooms.but for those of us that are restricted with space I would like to introduce the “Retrorama” and “Nostalgiarama”.

Retrorama is where two to five items are put together in a small space perhaps on a table top or mantlepiece or a corner of a room with a theme of your favourite era or subject.

Nostalgiarama is the same thing but the items have a personal connection. I have a picture header on my Twitter and Facebook which shows a picture of a bakelite telephone, brass spitfire desk ornament and a brass perpetual calendar which is on my TV table this is a retrorama of the Art Deco period.